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White Collar


My dad's doctor just called, he said he suspects that my dad has blood based leukemia. All of the bodies blood is filtered my the lymphatic system so it may have spred to that.

It's not confirmed. It's just not. And the blood test that they did was $1,100.00.



I want one. Like ..... I don't know but I want one and I want it now. ....Yesterday.... Shipping takes 2 weeks so I want one two weeks and one day ago!


Hello everyone, I'm alive, and reasonably healthy, safe and sound, if not sane. I'm just tired and busy. I have been meaning to check in for weeks but well life such as it is is busy as hell. I have yahoo messenger now so I can be contacted through that. Emerald_Faith_2003 even if it shows that I am offline I may not be.


As I sit here in the middle of my second 40 hour work week ....I mean clinical rotation I realize this much like the rest of my professional life is gonna suck. Between the contact precaution patients on the floor with the worlds laziest bitches .... I mean nurses, and the pissy patients, old crusty patients, and hysterical family with their insane patients, not to mention horn dogs hitting on me, I have had a weird trying week and it's only Tuesday.

Seriously I had a patient today I was doing a obstruction series on who was happy to see me. I do mean HAPPY. Hands behind his head look at me, where do you live HAPPY. Yes he asked me that.

I was embarrassed for him. He was not.

I am tired. My feet hurt, my calves are charlie horsing and I have the day off tomorrow. I am going to sleep most of the day while my parents go to Houston to pick up the truck they bought. A Peterbuilt.

So this is me checking in and saying good night all.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from me to you.



Stole from empressnan

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bitching and moaning

I love my weather man. Okay, that's not entirely true. I live a block and a half from Lake Eufalah. A flood zone to be sure. I have heard all week how Gustav was going to flood sections of Oklahoma that I happen to live in the center of. Aside form a lot of rain we are fine. All of Gustav's tornadoes went East. Aside from my sick Aunt who fell during this mess' home which is standing in a foot of water and has no roof we came through well.

Keith has managed to tear up his air conditioner and two tires. I fear the bill.

We cleaned out my dad's truck today and as I type Mickey is putting his stuff in it.

I'm tired and I have a Positioning book and lab test tomorrow I need to study for.

....And I have to cook dinner.

Life it blows

I'm too lazy to check on when my last life post was but three weeks ago I had my first clinic day. Aside from the fact that my clinical instructor couldn't be bothered to show up and nobody else knew I was going to be there, and my feet may never forgive me everything was fine. ..... Until I got lost on the way home in DOWNTOWN Tulsa. Straightened out and going south (I only broke three traffic rules to manage that) I got to the section line that would have led me home in four short miles after eight hours on my feet and the front driver's tire blew all of the tread off of the tire. When one is flying down the road at 75 MPH (yeah I was speeding) and you feel what you think was a blown out tire, be less concerned about your fender than the approaching ditch.

I'm fine as so is my truck. I pulled over and the tire was holding air so I called my dad who wanted my to hurry home and make dinner so I limped home at 3 MPH.

The weekend continued, mom came home from Louisiana and life went on. I'm worried about Aunt Agnes

Monday - Thursday.

School and it's many tests and annoyances led into Friday and my second clinical day.


My clinical instructor bothered to show up. How kind. Of course she was moody. Bitch. By noon I was having a hard time breathing. I left at three and got lost again. When I made it home the weekend started and the usual tests. Monday I had a lab test and just felt off. Tuesday I had a Positioning test and I had trouble breathing again. Wednesday I had an Imaging test that I failed and I started running a fever. Thursday I registered a Connors and My fever and breathing trouble was added to by a general sick to my stomach feeling. Thursday night I called Tracy my clinical coordinator 3 times. She told me if I ever have any problems day or night to call and she would fix it. I still haven't heard from her. I called Ernie Tracy's boss and I haven't heard from him either. All I wanted to know was what the protocol on being infectious at the clinical setting was.

Friday morning.

At 5:00 a.m. I called the hospital to tell them I wouldn't be there. My symptoms had moved on to breathing trouble, fever, throwing up, a headache and my knees wouldn't support me. I liked to fell twice.

I'm tired. I'm sick, Gustav is headed my way, and I and going to bed.

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